Thursday, May 24, 2012

CloudForce London 2012

Spent Tuesday at CloudForce... what a buzz about the place – like a show from the heyday of the 16 bit home computer era.

The big story of the show was Chatter, connect it to everything, build communities in it, see your timeline, you name it, it's in Chatter; the possibilities are endless. An ESB is the obvious integration technology – subscribe to some interesting business feed, have it call out to the Chatter RESTful API and start pushing real time business object chatter into a group.

Social was everything – Rypple for a social approach to objective management looked so much more engaging than anything I've ever seen before.

Heroku is a Salesforce acquisition, still hosted on Amazon (no really...) with an interesting deployment model ("git push heroku master"). Looks really interesting, still not sure about their Java deployment model – we seem to expend way too much effort understanding dependency problems, how you'd debug that when your deployment platform is compiling for you, I'm not clear; maybe we're doing something wrong...

Interesting tidbit – Salesforce have an internal Intranet... it sounds like it's like every Intranet you've ever see, static and out-of-date – Chatter and other real time feeds are what folk are using as their landing page; Burberry have switched – Chatter is their Intranet.

Oh and I defy you to get this track out of your head if you were there...!

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