Friday, July 27, 2012

I finally figured out what the point of Twitter is

I've had email and usenet access for a long time..., and I had CIX and CompuServe accounts before that (but I can't find any of those posts...)

I had an early gmail account (so I got to pick a sensible username).

I've always been in the innovator or early majority, so why not Twitter?

I simply didn't get it... why do I care that you burnt your toast this morning? why do I care that the train was late etc.

I won't pretend I was the Champion Skeptic, but I simply didn't get it.

I finally figured it out... I don't have to care about if you burnt your toast this morning... if that's what you tell me I'll unfollow you, but if your interests overlap with mine then you're helping me to filter the signal from the noise on the Internet, and downstream I can repay the favour.

Oh and the 140 character limit stops you writing war and peace, it stops the information overload.

I'm converted... I love Twitter.

Monday, July 09, 2012

The Happiness Door

This made me laugh out loud...

The idea of collecting all those things that really bug you, taking them outside and building a big bonfire of them :)

Not sure what I’d have as my kindling!

Having met Jurgen I can imagine him doing it... funny and irreverent as a speaker – if you get the chance, go see him.